Amani-Although Bigodi Village is surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife that attracts international tourists to the area, it remains an impoverished community where local children lack access to quality education and are falling behind as Uganda is increasingly thrust into the new global economy and traditional ways of life become more difficult and impractical. The locally based Kibale Association for Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED) has made great strides in educating villagers about the importance of environmental conservation and how much their future is dependent on the natural resources.
The nearest government school is severely overcrowded, under-performing and located a long distance away. Bigodi children who attend the public school must walk in the early morning darkness for several hours along dangerous dirt roads to reach the school. The school is in need of almost everything except enthusiastic children with a desire for knowledge.

One of the first things we did to help this school was the purchase of new books and a locking cabinet to keep them secure. We recently raised the necessary funds, and are currently in the process of funding the construction of a new above ground cistern for the school to supply fresh, clean water for the children?s needs throughout the day. We are building the cistern in partnership with UNITE (Uganda and North Carolina International Teaching for the Environment) a program that is funded by the North Carolina Zoo.The next phase of our project will be to build new permanent classrooms for the children and community. Bigodi Primary Progressive School currently has no permanent classroom for their nursery school children, so their class currently meets outside. Other students are currently being taught in a mud hut. We will work with the village leadership and community members to develop a sustainable plan for permanent classrooms. Our goal is to help the school meet its goal of offering a full primary education from nursery school to Primary 7 to the youth of this rural village

As we look forward to the future, we will continue to work directly with school and community leaders to enhance classroom learning conditions for students and to engage the support and commitment of the surrounding community. Our Amani Program generates revenue through public fundraising efforts and private donations to provide for infrastructure improvements, books, school supplies, clean drinking water, sustainable lunch programs, teacher?s salaries and other needs with the goal of making high-quality education accessible to all children within the community. We aim to improve school performance and enhance life skills among the students we serve, and to encourage their pursuit of higher education and community leadership positions. Whenever possible, we will use our resources to create self-sufficient, long-term strategic partnerships and programs within the schools and communities we serve.

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