Program Overview-We implement field-based scientific and socio-economic programs that use research to develop new, sustainable uses for natural resources and ensure conservation:
1. Habitat Protection:
- Los Amigos Conservation Concession (~360,000 acres)
- Wachiperi Haramba Queros Conservation Concession (~17,240 acres)
- Planned Q'eros Andinos Conservation Concession (~141,900 acres)
2. Sustainable Natural Resource Management:
- Brazil nuts are a natural forest product whose harvest guarantees income for Amazonian people. ACA's Brazil nut program supports 500 Brazil nut harvesters to ensure a sustainable livelihood while protecting their intact forest resource through technical support, training, and certification. Through this program, ACA has ensured the legal protection of over a million acres of forest, enabling wildlife to travel safely between protected areas.
- Microenterprise initiatives help protect the Amazon rainforest by identifying new sustainable forest products, training local communities to produce them efficiently, and introducing them to new markets. In the cloud forest, ACA provides technical support and training to indigenous and local peoples to: 1) produce natural dyes for textiles, 2) grow sacha inchi for food, and 3) conduct social forestry to avoid carbon emissions and secure water resources.
3. Research:
- Los Amigos Research Station (CICRA)
- Wayqecha Cloud Forest Research Station
- Pampas del Heath, Bolivia

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