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Join the Blue Angels for Ocean Conservation!

Dr. J only needs two more blue angels to meet his goal! Become a blue angel today and help support a strong and passionate voice for the ocean!

The 100BLUEANGELS are the patrons who support J financially and with their trust in doing the work he loves and excels at.

They are committed ocean lovers, who fight for what they believe in. Knowing they share our vision for a healthier ocean is very motivating for our team.

J. continues to work on behalf of sea turtles, making the oceans safer and collaborating with coastal communities and grassroots organizations around the world.

He is also leading an effort to connect the seemingly disparate fields of neuroscience and ocean exploration through BLUEMIND: The Mind and Ocean Initiative. Nichols has become a leading voice in the emerging new field called neuroconservation.

You can be part of our 100 Blue Angels tribe, working hard and collaborating globally for the ocean, by making a recurring monthly pledge of any size. You'll enjoy early access to new ideas, research, gatherings, and media as well as an invitation to the annual 100 Blue Angels Appreciation Dinner.

By making a monthly contribution to support J's work, his "blue angels" allow him to remain an independent scientist, advocate, and communicator in a time when new ideas and the freedom to express them are sorely needed.

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