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2008 State of the States Report Now Available!

Dear Equality Supporter,

How much do YOU know about the work for equality in every state?

Did you know that:

• 60% of state equality organizations identify transgender equality as their top policy priority. Employment nondiscrimination laws are the next highest priority, followed by schools and youth.

• 31% of state groups identified the religious and/or cultural climate in their state as the key obstacle to achieving equality. Nineteen percent identified the lack of financial resources as the biggest obstacle. Elected officials and unsupportive allies were also cited as holding back progress.

• The total amount of financial resources controlled by the Report’s 41 state equality organizations in 2007 was only $24.2 million (compare that to the nearly $40 million raised by the campaign to defeat Proposition 8 in California in 2008).

Equality Federation Institute's State of the State Report is based on an annual survey of state equality organizations and it is full of all kinds of geeky and fascinating information about our movement.

Check it out here:

Yours for equality,
Toni Broaddus
Executive Director

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