Get Knives Off Our Streets

Wow !! it's unbelivable how this Cause has taken off we have 1,107 Members ... thats fantastic and it's all down to you ... guys & girls for joining & recruiting your friends .. and i cant thank you enough for a job well done .. you all deserve medals…Read More


I want to thank all of you for joining this cause!! ..i sincerely hope that some good can come out of this ... ur a g8t bunch of friends and i dont know what i would do without you all... i feel really Priveliged to be your friend and i love you all…Read More

Senseless Stabbings

The Knife Culture in Britain is becoming out of hand every week in the papers or on telivision you hear of some poor Teenager losing their life . The Streets of Britain are becoming rife with these senseless Murders ... The Police need to be allocated with…Read More
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