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The Struggles of Tobacco Farmers

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago Suzanne Ross gave a talk on her book "The Wicked Truth: When Good People Do Bad Things" at the Church Women United Conference in Illinois. At the conference, there was a session on the struggles of tobacco farmers. Their pay is very low, they work excessively long hours in very hot weather, have inadequate housing and lack health care, and also suffer from toxins of tobacco.

Suzanne was moved by the session and wants you to know about the struggles of tobacco farmers. We at the Raven Foundation have sent a letter asking the head of the largest tobacco company, RJ Reynolds, to meet with representatives of tobacco farmers. To learn more, and to print a copy of the letter we signed, please go to

Also, if you would like to read Suzanne's reflection on the session, please go to

Thanks for your time,

Education Director
Raven Foundation

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