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On Thursday 14 October 2010 a jury acquitted a young Cairns couple prosecuted in an historic trial for procuring their own abortion. Tegan Leach, 21, and partner Sergie Brennan, 22, faced seven and three year jail terms respectively if found guilty under Queensland's archaic Criminal Code sections making abortion a crime.

While these laws remain, there is every chance this could happen again. GetUp is running a national campaign calling for abortion decriminalisation in Queensland - get involved today.

- Call your MP today!! Tell them you support a woman's right to choose – do they? The public response to the campaign over the last week has been very positive, and MPs are now starting to hear from their constituents who overwhelmingly support legal abortion. Make your voice one of them! MPs themselves have been encouraged by their constituents’ support and some have proved sympathetic to the idea of a private member’s bill. Let them hear your support too! GetUp’s website has a list of tips for calling your MP here:

Take action today for women's right to choose.

In solidarity,

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