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Cairns abortion trial to start next week! What you can do.

Dear members and supporters,

The trial of a young couple in Cairns for procuring an abortion begins next Tuesday.

This trial is the first of its kind in Queensland. The couple face a possible combined sentence of ten years imprisonment if they are convicted. This trial should never, ever, have happened – and it must never, ever, happen again.

Take action!

• Rally! On Saturday 9 October, rallies are happening around the country to protest the prosecution and call for the decriminalisation of abortion. Brisbane’s rally is being organised by the Pro Choice Action Collective, and is on at 1pm at Queens Park in Brisbane’s CBD. More info available on PCAC’s website at

• Be a voice for choice! One of the most important actions you can take to stand with the pro choice majority is talk – to friends, family members, colleagues, neighbours.

• Call talkback radio. 4BC Radio: ABC Radio Brisbane: Find your local ABC Radio station:

• Write a letter to the editor. The Australian: The Courier Mail: Find your local newspaper:

• Comment in online forums. Follow us on Facebook at and Twitter at or get on your own page and share your thoughts!

• Write to your MP, or call their office. Contact details for MPs are at, and they need to hear your voice – urgently.

• Print some Pro Choice Qld posters (on the Facebook page for download) and put them up in your neighbourhood.

• Tell us why you are pro choice so we can post it on the Pro Choice Qld website - email [email protected].

All of these actions are vital in making pro choice voices heard!!

In other news and opportunities for involvement:

• GetUp is an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation giving everyday Australians opportunities to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues, which has almost 400 000 members nationally. They have had huge successes in the past and have a great deal of political will, with members keen to advocate on progressive issues to their MPs and others. They are currently canvassing members on which issues GetUp should campaign on, and national abortion legislation is currently ranked 35th. With enough public support, GetUp may well decide to take it on. Vote for national decriminalisation of abortion at For more information about GetUp and their campaigns, or to join, visit their website at

Warmest regards and thanks for your ongoing support during this crucial time,

on behalf of Children by Choice and the 'Make Abortion Legal in Queensland' facebook cause.

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