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Getting Excited About Young Lions

If you are receiving this letter, then I need not explain the importance of art and art in the healing and growing process. I also don’t need to describe what Cultural Canvas’ project Art Relief International is, how it functions, or the benefits attributed to our weekly workshops. You all are the reason we are able to continually provide the community of Chiang Mai with art programs, and for that we give a heartfelt thank you!

Every Thursday afternoon for the past two years, ARI has provided a setting where the neighborhood children, a colorful group composed of Thai, indigenous hill tribe, and Burmese kids, can let loose and have fun through volunteer run art workshops. As you may already know, many of our Young Lions come from struggling backgrounds and work throughout the night selling flowers. ARI provides the opportunity for our Young Lions to get creative, and just be kids. Your support is crucial to this cause and for that we are grateful!

A couple of months ago we wrapped up a donation drive for our Young Lions Global Art Project. Through the IndieGoGo campaign we successfully raised a total of $1,147! All of us here at ARI want to give a special thank you to those who contributed to this campaign, whether by supporting our cause, spreading the word, or making a financial contribution. Through the generous donations received, we have been able to purchase new art materials for a number of different projects for our Young Lions children’s group. Some of our more recent projects include making Celtic sashes, designing puzzle pieces in the style of Keith Haring, and creating mixed-media self-portraits. Through your prolonged support and donations we are able to continue working with these children and giving them the gift of art.

Our projects are always changing but the results remain the same; smiling faces focusing intently on the artistic task at hand. We would like to take this time to individually thank all of those who contributed to our IndieGoGo fundraising drive:

Thanks to Stacey Caron, O'connor Mark, Leana Divine, Ross Green, Karen Cassidy, Doug Mohn, Audrey Aghaji, Emily Sams, Raya Hegeman-Davis, Kathryn Silver, Denise Argho, Lori Damon , Robert Cameron Wolfe, Susan Gottlieb, Siobhan Doyle, FA Shrapnel, Manu Beyer, Lisa Offringa, Jade Floyd, Jacqueline Yarosky, Phoebe Ward, Claire Harrison Lambe, Kate Walsh, Joshua Flores, Lauren Brown, Rachel Evans Evers, Mick Feely, Tom Wharton, Chris Mitchell, Dara Matthews, Jillian "Jake" Crowther, Marion Ackerman, Maria Miranda O’Sullivan, Marie Danner, Annie Roberge, Jereymy Rahn, Bejay Rahn, Meg Messick, and Michael Weeks.

If you don’t find your name on this list and you would like to donate to our Young Lions Global Art Project please do so now. As I’m sure you know, donations are always welcome!Have a great day!

The CCT/ARI team

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