We promote equality, community interaction, and social change through visual arts, dance and music. Come and join us!

Cultural Canvas Thailand (CCT) is a non-profit organization operating in the mountainous city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Initially, we came here in search of adventure, exotic beauty, and delicious food. While we found all of these things, we were also introduced to a side of Thailand that is often missed at first glance.

Quietly operating around Chiang Mai, humanitarian organizations work tirelessly to provide services and support to groups of people who are exploited, overlooked and forgotten. The Cultural Canvas team connected with organizations that make a difference in the lives of thousands of people, empowering, assisting and educating them.

The Canvas Art Program, an artistic outreach program, was created by Cultural Canvas Thailand to approach volunteerism through a creative lens.The program was so successful that it grew into its own organization, Art Relief International.

The Mission of Art Relief Internation is to:

* Promote awareness and inspire change through visual arts, dance, music and drama
* Utilize the arts as a means of healing and self-exploration
* Preserve and promote indigenous and traditional art forms

For more information on Art Relief International, please visit:

The Art Relief International Blog follows weekly art workshops with our partner orginizations:

For all of our partner organizations, one issue remains constant: the need for service, supplies and international outreach.

Cultural Canvas Thailand also offers unique and meaningful volunteer experiences in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Placements are available in the following areas: hill tribe education, HIV/AIDS prevention, women's empowerment and assistance, children with cerebral palsy, and Burmese refugee education and assistance.

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1. Aid, educate and empower.

2. Promote the arts: painting, sculpture, drama, and music.

3. Volunteer!

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