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So… finally Ironman is a couple is around the corner. Since it has been difficult to get people to donate, we have been looking for a way to make donations very very attractive.
After severe insisting… we got a great deal from a Bike supplier to give us an amazing price for a Carbon Fiber Bike. (retail price: ~$3,000US)

We are going to raffle it only to 200 persons, in exchange for an online donation to the Mexican Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (via

The minimum donation required is $20 US, and you must guess the average time Roberto and I will do in the Ironman (hours and seconds). Donate before the 11th!! (click on blue heart of

We will issue you a ticket number… in case we don’t sell 200 tickets by next Saturday, we will raffle it using the last 3 numbers of National Mexican Lottery Sept 16th, 2009.

So, please take advantage of this opportunity, help us help Raúl! Pull out your credit card and make the donation… you might win a really nice bike that you can sell and use the money to come visit me and buy me drinks

besos y/o abrazos!

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