Bringing hope to Sudan by demonstrating God's love through meeting the needs of its people.

**Hope4Sudan is temporarily operating as a project under the umbrella of Christian Heritage Church's 501c3 status. All donations will be directed to the Hope4Sudan support account.**

The Facts

Sudan, the largest country in Africa, also holds the distinction of having Africa’s longest running civil war. The aftermath of the past 21 years of fighting has left Southern Sudan in devastation and rendered the land left intact mostly infertile. People are starving, sick and living in extreme poverty. Millions have died. Others have been forced from their homes and separated from family. Like most third world countries, the lack of clean drinking water causes serious health risks, but Sudan’s water situation is only made worse by Guinea Worm disease. One out of every four infants will not live to reach age five. If ever there were a place that truly exemplifies the complete essence of Matthew 25:35-36, it is Southern Sudan, because its children were left hungry, thirsty and naked.

But now there is Hope!

The need is overwhelming, but Hope4Sudan is making a huge difference in the lives the project has already been able to touch. Hope4Sudan is building compounds including a church, school, medical clinic and deep water well. Hope4Sudan is also partnering with People to People, a Christian humanitarian relief organization, to establish feeding and educational programs in a country which is both starving and illiterate. While much has been accomplished already, still, there is a tremendous necessity to find additional child sponsorships and to get schools and medical clinics fully operational.

How can I help?!

Pray for Sudan.
Every time you brush your teeth, remember to pray for Sudan.

Sponsor a child in Sudan.
Partnering with People to People, for only $20 a month you can provide food, clothes, vitamins, parasite meds, and education for a Sudanese child. To sponsor a child, visit People to People @ http://wmm.iphc.org/ptp/ptpcsform.html and be sure to include Hope4Sudan in the comments box.

Buy a Hope4Sudan T-shirt or bracelet.
Profits from sales go to help finance the project. To place your order, contact us at [email protected]

Donate medical supplies.
Donate supplies, drugs or equipment.

Make a donation to Hope4Sudan.
Hope4Sudan is a non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible.

For more information contact [email protected] or visit us at www.Hope4Sudan.org

Add us on myspace @ myspace.com/hope4sudan

To learn more about this conflict, click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Sudanese_Civil_War

1. Building compounds with clean water wells, churches, schools, and medical clinics.

2. Providing feeding & educational programs.

3. Assisting with medical relief.

4. Partnering with People to People to establish child sponsorship programs.