The Taproot Foundation strengthens nonprofits by engaging business professionals in service.

Nonprofits have the greatest potential for addressing our society’s most challenging social and environmental problems, but often lack the operational resources to fulfill their potential.

To address this resource gap, the Taproot Foundation enables business professionals to donate their skills and expertise on pro bono projects.

What is pro bono? Pro bono work is the donation of professional business services to those in need. The legal profession has been doing pro bono work for decades – it’s the Taproot Foundation’s vision to mobilize all other professions to do more pro bono work so that all professionals have the opportunity to donate their skills, and all nonprofits have access to the professional resources they need to thrive.

To date, the Taproot Foundation has strengthened over 500 nonprofits by engaging over 3,000 professionals on pro bono projects. These professional have built websites, designed brochures, and implemented databases, among other things, for organizations in need.

Why should you do pro bono work?
• Create positive change - Make a tangible contribution to a nonprofit in your community.
• Use your time effectively - Volunteer on structured projects; we provide all the resources and support you need.
• Grow your skills - Tackle challenges in a new environment.
• Meet other people in your industry – Work with other professionals from companies like Time Warner, Kraft, Deloitte, Gap, Leo Burnett, Microsoft, and many more.
Ways to get involved:
- Sign up to do pro bono work through the Taproot Foundation.

- Donate to the Taproot Foundation so that it can grow its programs and recruit more professionals to do pro bono work.

- Be a pro bono evangelist – spread the word about the benefits of pro bono work to your coworkers, family and friends.

do it pro bono.

1. - Nonprofit organizations do not currently have the resources and infrastructure necessary to be effective in supporting our communities.

2. - There are 6 million business professionals in the United States with skills that would help a nonprofit organization increase its impact.

3. - Everyone has limited time to volunteer. Use your professional skills when volunteering â??you can make a much larger impact on an organization.