To serve families affected by childhood cancer and related illnesses.

Beginning in 1984 after their daughter Marcia died of cancer, the founders of H.I.S. K.I.D.S. were compelled to reach out to families going through what they had experienced first hand. Since they first reached out to a few families at a time, HIS KIDS has grown to reach more families and children each year. HIS KIDS has provided services to children and families that make getting through the challenges of childhood cancer more tolerable, and that are not provided in the same ongoing fashion, elsewhere. The majority of children with cancer are torn from the existence they knew before their diagnosis. Invasive procedures, numerous out patient visits, lengthy hospital stays, scheduling limitations due to treatment, strain on their entire family, not to mention, facing their own imortality are challenges these children are handed immediately. Fear, guilt, anger, confusion, loss, frustration are only some of the emotions that quickly surface. HIS KIDS strives to assist families, equipping them with skills and support needed to make it through their difficult circumstances.

1. Family Support

2. Youth & Teen Services

3. Emergency Assistance

4. Bereavement Support