We are the only surviving non-profit women's bookstore in the country!

In Other Words Women's Books and Resources is the last surviving non-profit feminist bookstore in the United States. For the last 14 years we have offered a comprehensive and diverse collection of books, magazines, and zines with a wide variety of subjects, including: feminist & queer studies, erotica, sex & sexuality, trans studies, spirituality, herbs, and non-sexist children's books, to name a few.

In addition to books, we sell eco-friendly menstrual products, cards, stickers, buttons, and a variety of locally made crafts for all your activist and gifting needs.

In Other Words is more than a bookstore and has recently become a hub of activity—hosting a wide range of community events, meetings and workshops that include author readings, Spanish classes, writing workshops, concerts, art shows, yoga and much more. We also support many local progressive organizations by providing the space and outreach opportunities for community based activities and public forums to encourage dialogue and debate.

We also have a new resource centerdesigned to network and connect people to local services, classes, and organizations. Our resource center also helps people find rides out of town, roommates & housing, musicians & artists, and much more.

In Other Words is a volunteer driven organization—with more than fifty people whose dedication, diverse experiences, and time helps build and sustain the store and community space. The leadership is made up of primarily young activists who look to In Other Words for connection, community, and a political home. Our innovative program supports volunteers in taking leadership in a wide variety of ways—running the store, selling textbooks at local universities, organizing community events, building the resource center and much more!

1. The individual and collective leadership of women

2. Diversity of feminist perspectives

3. Education and empowerment

4. Social change through grassroots organizing

5. The individual and collective leadership of women