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Vote for SENS Foundation - $10k Up for Grabs

The Chase Community Giving promotion is going on right now on Facebook. You can vote for SENS Foundation here: http://www.facebook.com/ChaseCommunityGiving/app_162065369655?cv=2&app_data=location|/charity/view/ein/94-3473864. Even though SENS Foundation…Read More

Official Nonprofit Status Added

Hi everyone, Our cause page has just been updated, so SENS Foundation itself is now officially linked to this page. That's why this cause now has "official nonprofit status." This should make it a lot easier to use SENS Foundation as the target for your…Read More

Chase Community Giving Challenge - Please vote!

On behalf of Aubrey: ---- Hi everyone, Please visit the Chase Community Giving charity contest (http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/) on Facebook. This contest offers a chance to win $25k in Round 1 of voting (from 11/15/2009 to 12/11/2009) and…Read More

It's official!

Hi again everyone, Apologies for the spam if you already received this from the "Ending Aging" group. (Er - and if you didn't, now's the time to join that group!) This is just a final message to notify you that we did indeed win the 3banana "Share to Win"…Read More

Wow this is close....

Hi everyone, All day today, we've been just fractionally ahead of the competing cause in 3banana's "Share to Win" challenge. We still are... but really fractionally, just half a dozen votre, despite both us and them having added several hundred votes today.…Read More

One more puch plea!se

Hi folks, As those of you who are members of the SENS Facebook group (as opposed to cause) will know, we succeeded in taking the lead in the 3banana.com"Share to Win" challenge a few days ago. Since then we've been running neck-and-neck with the other…Read More

3banana $5,000 challenge: we're catching up...

Hi everyone, Two days ago, we were 449 votes behind the leader in the 3banana "Share to Win" competition. One day ago, we were 344 behind. As of now, we're only 250 behind! You do the maths... just three more days of serious voting and we'll have that $5,000…Read More
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