Hi! This is Youdon Khangsar here. My birthday is coming up really soon. This year instead of gifts I'd like to ask for some donations towards this fundraiser project held by Can Engage that intends to raise $10,000 in support of Machik, a non-governmental organization that works directly with the people of the Tibetan Plateau in developing new opportunities for education and training, and for revitalizing local communities and strengthening capacity. Since 2002, Machik has been delivering its education program in this remote area through the Chungba Primary School (CPS) and Chungba Middle School (CMS). Can Engage's funding target will cover the cost for three girls and two boys who have graduated from CMS to earn a three-year high-school education, which includes tuition, boarding, food, transportation and healthcare. I really hope you can support me and donate $35 or whatever you are comfortable with. The more you donate, the more Tibetan children will be able to afford education. Let's work toward building a brighter future, a better world, starting with children because they will be the ones leading on the torch of civilization and humanity in this world. Thank you so much! Sincerely,Youdon <3