The Visible Grace home is up, running and full of little people! Those little people have loving sponsors who cover their monthly expenses. There are still many other expenses like start-up costs for each new child, staff, medical needs, homegoods, etc. As our home grows with children, will you consider growing with us? 

We've itemized each item so you know EXACTLY where 100% of your money is going. 

Big Items: 

$200 - Chicken house (talk about sustainable! Breakfast, lunch and dinner!)

$500 – Build a walking path around the house (made of stones and cement)

$600 – Pave a driveway (made of gravel)

$30 x 4 - Dining Chairs (more buns in need of chairs our original set doesn't accommodate!)

Small Items:

$10 x 10donors - Sandbox toys and “boy toys”

$40 - Gardening tools

$8 x 8 - Jackets (it's COLD here in the mornings when they leave for school!)

$10 x 8 - Nice shoes for kids (right now we are going to church in tennis shoes)

$30 - New padlock for our front gate

$20 x 5 - School supplies! (backpacks, pencils, paper, etc.)

$20 - Shelf for the kids' sink (to hold toothbrushes, etc.)

$40 - Shoe rack

$40 – Filing cabinet

$500 Team Goal: While the team is here in August, we'd love to do a couple service projects. Many of the VG kids have family members who were caring for them before they came to the house. In addition to keeping connected to these important people, we want to help in practical ways (fix up their outdoor bathrooms, make roof repairs, or anything else they may need).  

THANK YOU for considering contributing toward these needs!