Thank you for the generosity of all the people who have stepped up and said they want to support these kids!!! While there is nothing more fun than sponsoring a child, if you wanting to sponsor a child and we don't yet have enough kids, you can actually help with that! The first house has 8 KIDS ALREADY which means it is already 2/3 full! That's right: we are going to need another house very soon!

It would be wonderful if we could squeeze more kids into the first one, but kids' smiles are actually SO BIG that the house can barely contain them as it is! The smile-to-house ratio is OFF THE CHARTS already! If you have seen the pictures or read the blog, you KNOW that this is true!Now we actually have been blessed to have a team of people back in Oregon (  )raise funds to come serve over here in Kenya, and all three of them met their goals! We weren't prepared for that kind of a blessing! We would love to be able to really accomplish a lot while they are here, and it would truly be beyond our wildest imaginations if we could put down a foundation for the second home! I know it seems fast; it feels like we just finished the first one.

There's only one problem: we don't have any money to start a new home... at all. However, God has been very faithful and generous over the last few years (through all of you!)... and we would like to give Him the chance to pour out His generosity through all of you yet again!

A foundation is actually not that expensive, and once we have it on the ground, we'll have that much more momentum going into the auction to try and raise the rest! We would love to see this happen when the team comes at the end of July!

Would you prayerfully consider helping us? Maybe it is your first time donating? Maybe it is your one-hundredth? In either case, thank you. Even if all you can give is prayers, thank you for those! God is blessing these children through your work and faithfulness, and we pray He will bless you also.