my name is Nicholas wolf age 31 married 13 years and have two sons. I    am a hospice patient dying from cancer and was forced out of my own home.   my body shut down on me last year on 9/ 23/ 2012 my wife rush me to the emergency room at Rockford memorial. I was given a MRI and they found a large mass and my liver 21cm by 10cm . I was given a liver biopsy which was sent to Mayo Clinic for testing. the results were Hepatocellar carcinoma a rare liver cancer in young men. while in the hospital they experimented with me with heavy pain drugs and nausea medications. most made me sick. after 5 days at the hospital I left prescribed with two different morphine pills a fentanyl patch which is heroin for pain. Zolfran,compazine for nausea and vomiting. a steroid and Marinol to increase my appetite.  the doctors at Rockford Memorial Hospital's said there is nothing they could do.  I went home and started taking all these meds and for the first 2-3 months I felt half alive. I could not get out of bed nothing but extreme pain and extreme vomiting. I felt I needed a second opinion so I went to UW Health System in Madison Wisconsin and was introduced to a group of doctors and told them what was going on the morphine was killing me its self so I quit taking it. although taking morphine takes some of the pain away it sedated me and I don't want to live that way.so I explained that to them along with other problems with all the medication that I was having. when I quit taking the morphine and nausea medications I started smoking marijuana and had outstanding results from it although it is not a cure it is an instant pain and nausea cure. I had been living my past 2-3 months in hell I could not get out of bed. nothing but throwing up and extreme pain when I smoked marijuana for the first time my pain was reduced and nausea went away. I went to UW Health and told the team of doctors that I tried marijuana and the effects were better than the medications. although marijuana is illegal in Illinois the doctor say if it works don't stop they cannot prescribe me marijuana but say if they could they would. since I started smoking I was able to change and stop taking the hard prescription drugs and nausea pills. I underwent radiation chemo embolization along with direct chemo embolization treatments with no success I was called into a meeting and was told that there is nothing they can do anymore. I was told on April 5th of 2013 that I have 3 to 6 months before I pass. UW Health System referred me to hospice. although I already had two prior opinions I wanted a third. so I went to cancer treatment center of America and it was confirmed.  the doctors at UW did all they could for me when I was told this is it finally got to me and I accepted the facts. that was back in April of this year. since then until now I have been just fishing golfing and doing activities with my wife and kids just trying to enjoy every day and make it a blessing. I am able to do that by using marijuana, norcos,fentanyl patch and Marinol. if I was still using all the hard pain and nausea pills I would not be able to do the things like I am doing now with my family.I would be stuck in bed in extreme pain and vomiting. possession of marijuana is illegal in our state but not in every state how come? I can understand the law being different from state to state but this is our health system we all should be able to get the same medications as other states. a person becomes ill and is told they are going to die how can the state of Illinois turn its people away and say just go live where its legal. how can the state expect a low income family to get up and move. on 6/ 27 2013 I had to get ahold of my landlord. the fact the buildings gutters were underkept and clogged resulted in a half inch of water in my house. the land lord knows of my condition and  has since I was diagnosed with cancer. I explain to her and showed her how the gutters were clogged while she was in the house she smelled marijuana and confronted me with it and I did not lie. I don't enjoy smoking marijuana for enjoyment use. I use it as a medication. so I explained that to my landlord and how it all came about my use of marijuana and how it helps me.I am very discreet about it when I have to smoke. my landlord gave me and my wife two choices one we pack our stuff and move out on our own or two and in my landlords exact words( if you don't move out on your own I will make your life a living hell by calling DCFS to have your kids taken away from you and have a warrant issued to have the cops come. we had been a renter for 3 years with this landlord never missed a payment,always quiet,never had the cops called on us,  and most certainly never been involved with DCFS. we took care of the place for 3 years because they did not.  I begged the landlord to let us stay that I was in no condition to move.  I suggested to my landlord that I would leave and go live with other relatives just so my wife and kids don't have to leave the home. she said no I told her I would quit smoking and just go back to being sick and bedridden and that I would not bring marijuana back into her property.she shrugged her shoulders and said she did not care to pick one of her two choices. so wife kids and myself had to move out and now we live with relatives. I do not understand as a property owner or anybody else can be so cold hearted to put a dieing man in constant pain out on the streets with his kids and wife while on hospice. people with cancer and other extreme illnesses in Illinois and all of our  States need the same rights. we need to come together and show how medical marijuana works as prescribed and get the same rights as other states marijuana is legal in.so when you or somebody gets cancer nobody can threaten you or them to move out of their own home. or threaten to have their kids taken away or get arrested for possession marijuana if prescribed. I have been through a lot in the past 10 months and I have dealt with this as best as possible. but to get threaten to get out of my own home for being sick and using marijuana for my sickness is unreal. if marijuana was legal in every state this would not have happened to me or other people in my situation.  I know my time is coming I have my wife and kids along with good family thats all I need. what about you though, what if you get sick or somebody you cherish with all your heart gets sick and gets cancer don't you think they should get the same medical treatment in your state. nobody is willing to stand up for equal rights and that's why I am doing this not for me but for the familys to come who will lose their love ones and watch them suffer until they pass. people that are sick and no they are going to die from the illness should be protected they should be taken care of.  if they need a Pacific medication and its approved in one state then it should be approved in every state are we not all Americans? I if marijuana was legal in the state of Illinois or every state as I think it should be. my landlord would not have any reason to force me and my family out of our own home I could properly medicated myself without the worries. why should I have to suffer or anybody else in my condition. I just don't want to see what happened to me and my family keep happening to other people and their families. I hope my situation can be used to help benefit anybody who has cancer or a chronic illness.  please sign my petition