"Tijuana Ministry is now in its 10th year of putting faith into action, building lasting and vibrant communities, providing opportunities for education, immersion, and constantly committing to promote human dignity while fostering friendships and spiritual growth. For a decade, Tijuana Ministry has been reaching across borders to bring God’s people together in collaboration with San Eugenio Parish in one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Tijuana.San Eugenio Parish sits on the eastern side of Tijuana, serving a population nearing a quarter million people. The parish has seen the growth of its parishioners explode as the population of Tijuana continues to skyrocket at a rate of 100,000 yearly new habitants. The San Francisco Real Chapel is one of 17 chapels that make up the San Eugenio Parish and is showing the signs of what happens with a rapidly growing population. The problem it is facing now is space. Right now a lot of parishioners have to stand outside during the service. and how much can you really get from a service when you can’t even be inside the building while it is going on? The current size of the chapel greatly limits the success of the services offered by San Francisco Real Chapel. When you have a small facility and a growing population, serving the community becomes difficult, nearly impossible. How do we fix this?It is pretty simple, we need to expand the size of the chapel. By doing this we will ensure it continues to not only be of use but also improves the community in which it is rooted.The Chapel is used just about all the time. Like many places of worship, the chapel is also a community center. In addition to mass, charismatic assembly, Holy Hour & RCIA, the chapel serves many purposes. During the week it is used for youth group, liturgy, music practice and special community events as well as prayer service, retreats, outreach, concerts, meetings and thelist goes on. Most importantly the chapel is open to all groups that promote healthy lifestyle as well as service to the community.Where are we now?so far we have raised 60% needed of the minimum to expand the San Francisco Real Chapel. Wehave worked hard to get where we are in our funding. through a variety of fundraisers we have made it this far.What can you do?We are in need of $7,500 to build this addition, and this is where we need your help. Through your donations we will be abel to directly impact the wellbeing of the community. The existing chapel is 35’ by 50’, a total of 1,750 square feet. This addition will extend the chapel by 34’, making it 4,200 square feet. That is 60% more room! With facilities this large it will not only be able to fit the congregation, but ensure the success of the many great services the San Francisco Real Chapel Provides to the surrounding community