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An update from Molly


We finally received a batch of postcards from Molly and now I can share some highlights of the trip so far, which is already into the final week of riding! There were only two days of riding with no hills and that was at the very beginning of the trip in Holland. Once the group hit Luxembourg, and the Ardennes Forest, the hills became a regular occurrence. Molly reported that on one day they rode through three countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. They pedalled through the Alsace region of France and the Bernese Oberland section of Switzerland. The longest ride of the trip to date has been 94 miles - just 6 miles short of a century. Molly reported the longest uphill climb was 40 km, but that was before they hit the Pyrennes. She says she is sore and sometimes exhausted but that she is having the time of her life and loving every minute of the adventure. She will report more when she is back home - in less than a week!

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