US President Barack Obama:

I trust you are well.

The US Ambassador to Egypt Ms. Anne Patterson is implicitly siding with the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt. Her outreach has been selective, and often focused on the Muslim Brotherhood as an organization instead of Egyptian formal political entities. She is failing to engage the Egyptian opposition with equal focus as with the Muslim Brotherhood. She continues to press the opposition to repeatedly participate in specious exercises of national dialogue in which no substantive concessions are made by President Mohamed Morsi regime. Furthermore, in echoing the Muslim Brotherhood’s singular discourse of ‘electoral legitimacy,’ she has alienated the opposition and disregarded the dynamics and voice of the Egyptian street, which is asking for the Fascist Muslim Brothers representative, President Mohamed Morsi to Step Down. 

Ms. Patterson is not welcomed anymore in Egypt. Oh and a piece of advice: You ought to re-access the team of advisers that is helping you on the US foreign policy in the Middle East. They are really out of touch and clueless to say the least. I am happy to help in giving you some advise about some realities of what the people of the Middle East want. You can give me a call anytime.