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The Next Step... Heartworm Treatment.


After a little over 4 weeks of treatment of demodex mange w/ a secondary skin infection, malnutrition and everything in between. She has been on Heartguard Plus until she could reach a point where Dr. Hudson felt Gypsy was strong and healthy enough to begin heartworm treatment so that she can be clear of most of her health issues as soon as safe & possible.

Today I took Gypsy to her check-up appointment. She has gained 3 lbs but we all agreed she looked so good and it seemed as if she had gained more. Still, we celebrate the small victories and we'll take the 3 lbs! =) Her skin scrape showed a few demodex mites but they were all dead!! YAY! So she was going to get her 4th treatment of Promeris today.

Then they told me she wanted to move forward with the heartworm treatment. (aahh! I wasn't ready for that!) Doc feels confident in how well Gypsy is doing. I gave Gypsy lady some love and she loved me back. I will pick her up at 5:45pm today. She will come home to her foster home and rest.

Please say a prayer for her that she will do well through treatment! Here we go, another day at the crossroads with Gypsy. This girl is committed to living good! I love that about her and it lets me know that we are doing right by her. She wanted to live... so PLDPR will make sure she gets all she needs and never wants for anything again. She has lived a nightmare but the sun will shine again for Gypsy.

With all of that said... we really need your support with donations for her vetting. We have raised some much needed funds and they have been blessings! Gypsy's treatment is ongoing and that means we continue to be faced with vet bills. If you can give $10 or more, we would be so grateful. Gypsy too!

Please share Gypsy's Journey and our desperate need for help funding her vet care and treatments. Thank you all for your continued support!!!


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