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Late Nights and Early Mornings...


Been up since 4am with Gypsy barking and crying; wanting food, potty, love, attention. Bless her heart. She feels good enough to "talk" now but isn't sure how to really communicate. She is itching pretty bad this week and I can only imagine how uncomfortable that is for her. This morning after she ate, we walked, she went potty, I loved on her... she still was just beside herself. She also has a hard time calming down once out of her crate, she just walks and walks and walks. Pacing and rarely stopping. It makes me tired watching her. Well this morning I comforted her and she laid her head in my hand, she was slowly sliding down to a laying position and I just baby talked her until she laid down all the way. I petted her rough & hairless body; she has pustules and scabs and skin that flakes off. Gypsy finally went to sleep and I did too for a minute, inside of her crate. It was the first time I was able to calm her down and get her to rest with me right beside her. I feel like we made a move in the right direction and really connected this morning. I just hope she doesn't want to connect every morning at 4am... 5am please Gypsy, I can handle that.

I can't wait for the day she feels beautiful with a full coat of fur. I continue to tell her she is beautiful, because she is. I promise her that I will always do my best to understand that she is evolving into the lady she is suppose to be, before her life took this horrible turn; whenever that was but I definitely feel she's been on her own for a while.

Thank you for your continued prayers and positive thoughts you are sending her way. She is so worthy and deserving. I'm so glad we gave this girl her second chance.

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