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4th of July Weekend Progress

Gypsy is a strong woman! It breaks my heart to think of what her story has been and to keep from staying pissed off all the time, I have to look ahead. She is making strides each day, keeping a positive attitude and taking everything in pretty well. Her vision is certainly impaired due to Entropion which presents in both eyes, although our hopes are still that it improves as her skin does. She absolutely hates her eye drops and I can't stand for her eyes to be all caked up with crud, so between the drops and me gently cleaning with a warm rag...she is so over it. She is resting alot and that is very important to me. She is finally able to stand and eat out of her raised food bowls without her backside swaying and her losing balance (I would have to hold her backside straight and up)... this is very positive because building muscle is something this girl has to do. I'm not pushing it at all, over-coming her severe starvation was #1, along with treating and soothing her generalized demodex mange. She has done very well eating her puppy food and taking all of her meds and supplements. We are walking on lead to potty and she is doing great. This weekend I had time to work with her on cratetraining and pottying outside. Poor girl will just mess in her crate constantly... so I know she has not had a routine. So this weekend we worked on alot of small things and she is coming out of her shell a little at a time. I think she is getting it, we've had almost 48 hours of no potty in her crate! She just has to trust which is hard for her, I don't think she has even been given that chance or the attention. Overall she is still in rough shape and will be for a while, but she is making big strides and pushing on. She is more curious about things and it's cute. This girl is pretty amazing and hasn't even reached her potential!

~ Alison Potts Shirley
President & Gypsy's Foster Mom

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