Back to Gypsy's Journey: A Rescue Pit Bull Strives to Survive

First trip back to the vet...


Gypsy had to make a trip to the vet this afternoon due to a nasty cough and green nasal drainage. Yuck! They did a chest x-ray and monitored her heartworm disease; the heart was a bit enlarged but nothing terribly alarming. She is at 50.4 lbs and we need to get her to 60 lbs and then she may be ready for heartworm treatment. Right now, she will continue her treatment of generalized demodex mange and work on putting healthy weight on this angel. She continues to try and I see progress daily, it's not in huge strides but that is not expected. We knew taking on this girl would not be easy but that in rescue you are called to duty, and you step up if you are able to... and most of the time we take them in anyway! Then I'm faced with begging for donations for their care. I have had to reach out hard for Gypsy and I want to thank everyone for your support (no matter what your support may have been) and please keep praying for her. As Gypsy's care continues, we are accepting donations.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep an eye out, I may make Gypsy her own Facebook page. (I just have to find time… something I don’t have a lot of. Sorry!)

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