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Good Morning!

This morning Gypsy gave me tail wags! She ate her breakfast and took all of her meds, plus a few yummy treats. She is drinking water well. The Vetericyn is really helping that poor skin of hers, although she doesn't enjoy being misted with it, she doesn't put up a fight because I think she knows it makes her feel better and soothes her. Once she is post-spay long enough, I'll give her a nice Oatmeal/Aloe shampoo. This girl is not giving up! I love it and it inspires me. Every morning I can't wait to get up and see how much more alert she is and happy. She still is weak on her feet and a bit stubborn to go outside at times but what an angel she is no matter what. Baby steps... this girl knows nothing about domestication. You can tell. So sad but we don't try and dwell on the negative.. it's all positive from here on out! Keep those prayers coming!!

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