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Settling into a Foster Home...


Here is our girl Gypsy. She I safe at my house. She just wants to rest. Dr. Hudson told me to feed her dry food for the most part unless I need to feed soft to help mix her meds in it. She has eye drops for both eyes (3xday) plus Cephalexin and Ketoconazole. A medicated shampoo and Promeris (mange treatment). She said to do Fish oil and I told her I had Omega 3-6-9 pills and she said perfect. She said oatmeal/aloe bath twice a month because skin will dry out. She ate alittle and took her meds. I had to put one pill down her throat (no issues). Used Vetericyn spray and she was a little irritated but no real issues. She will get use to it. She walks VERY slow and I ended up picking her up. Picked up to put in car and picked up to get out. She's weak. Attentive but not bothered by much.

She is caring for her stuffies like they are her babies. everyone at hope is hoping to see her back and doing better in a month. I think she scared some of the people in the waiting room. Bless her. She is a sweet soul and let's just pray she can do this. Going potty will be our biggest hurdle. I'm sure I'll throw out my back and neck picking her up but her paws are so inflamed that I can't even imagine how bad it hurts.

More updates to come...

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