As many know, because of my disabilities, I struggle to manage my family here in Massachusetts, for multiple reasons, to include, inability to thrive in cold weather, finacnes as they relate to the cost of living, and lack of social and familiar support. It is my hope to be able to move the Children, my Mother, and myself back to North Carolina this fall (2013), as I would like to be in a climate that would allow me the possibilities of being able to return to school, with the hopes of ultimately being able to return to work, and at the same time provide the children with the extended family and familiar support they need. I am of the opinion that the children need the benefit of our family and friends, which they are deprived of here. 

Secondary to these needs I have been asked to provide proof that that the children and I have the necessary social support group in North Carolina for this transition to be successful and that my doing so would not further isolate the children from family and friends, especially in light of my permanent disability. 

My children have not received the benefit of share a holiday dinner with any extended family in almost 7 years. Sadly, the children's Father has continually made no effort to visit with them on a regular basis and not once in the 7 yrs has any member of his extended family contacted me for the purposes of seeing the children. Even this past Christmas, when their Father was given the opportunity, to share the holiday with the children and his family, he chose for the children to be confined to celebrating with only him, and waived spending all other winter and spring holidays with them. Very sadly, though the children's Father has a fair amount of extended family in the area the conscious choice is being made not to allow the children to build and develop healthy, ongoing, relations with those family members.

At this time I ask all of our family and friends, in North Carolina, who have expressed concern for our situation here, and who want us to relocate in North Carolina so that relationships with the children can be established, to please sign this pledge, that you will offer my children the benefit of emotional support and fellowship, in North Carolina, especially in the event, I need further surgeries, or I am incapacitated further by my disability. As many of you have experienced, because we live so far away, when trying times have fallen upon us the distance prevents, our friends and family from being able to aid and assist with the children.

North Carolinians are known to be a community of tithing, love, and respect. A bond that many outsiders are not able to ascertain, unless they have had the benefit of exposure, but hopefully, by your taking this pledge, Together, we can show true Spirit of the Carolina's !

Thank you for taking the time to join us in this Pursuit.

God Bless !