To connect students and their communities to Christ and the Church through real, loving, and non-threatening avenues.

What is First Glance?

Originally operating as a youth center, this is still a large focus of our programming. Students can come each recreational night and skateboard, play basketball, access the Internet, eat and more. Other more specific programs we offer include: a Teen Moms program, where teenage mothers and their children can come for weekly meetings to learn about various parenting-related topics, a Skate night, an abstinence program and more. Each program is designed to provide our students with the opportunity to socialize with friends and mentors in a safe, supervised environment.

In every interaction with the students, volunteers model Christ's love with the hope that they might find rest in Him. In conjunction with our mission, First Glance also works to encourage our students to attend an area church.

The Church

Our goal is to be a bridge between the students and the church. We work closely with several local churches, It is through these relationships we are able to connect students into the churches student ministry program and then from there they are connected to the body of the Church.

A Place of Grace...

First Glance operates under one main principle and that is, that we will love people the way they are. We don’t impose our Christian values on them but accept them how they are. By showing grace, students who may not normally come to a church are able to approach us at First Glance without hesitation.

1. Give a safe loving environemnt for students

2. Show students God's love in a non-threatening way

3. Give students hope