This cause does not attack any causes or individuals. Our goal is to reach a peaceful solution. It simply states that "Israel" is presently an Apartheid regime

strongly condemns racism and does not tolerate it. Criticism of illegitimate Apartheid-"Israel", which has no right to exist, cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic, even according to the international working definition of anti-Semitism that was accepted and adopted in 2005.

Furthermore, we would like to educate about the differences between "Zionism" "Judaism" and "Semitic People", which are three very distinct things that are not interchangeable. This is important because "Israelis" accuse people of anti-Semitism every time someone criticizes "Israel," not much unlike the way many call people that criticize Bush's policies anti-American.

The first one is easy; anyone can be a Zionist without being the other two. You can be a Muslim Arab and be Zionist. Many American Evangelical or born again Christians are Zionists.

Jewish but not Zionist: Many Jews, including Rabbis, and religious Jews oppose Zionism and believe that Judaism prohibits it (and it does. Zionism is a secular concept, and there are things in the Old Testament that forbid Zionism See http://jewsnotzionists.org . Many Jews protest against Zionism and “Israel” all the time, often in NY. Israel is very secular, with only about 5% of its population identifying themselves as religious. Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in the military of the Zionists because of their religious beliefs. Also see: http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com/ It also works the other way too; "Israel" barely tolerates Judaism and its actions go against the beliefs and teaching Judaism.

Jewish but not Semitic: Thirdly, a Semite is "a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs" (dictionary.com). Arabs are Semites and are descendants of Abraham, unlike most Jews, who are mainly Europeans and Americans. So really, European Zionists who are racist towards Arabs are the ones who are “anti-Semitic”. Lets not forget that Judaism began with Moses, not Abraham, and that Muslims and Christians also consider Abraham and Moses as their prophets. In fact, anyone can convert to Judaism and immediately become an “Israeli” citizen, under the law of “return”. The utilization of the Star of David on the flag they use is also a tool so that Zionists could accuse opposition of being anti-Semitic. (Note: Zionists have a claimed a monopoly on "anti-semitism", alleging that the person who "coined" it intended it only for them. This is yet another Zionist myth. Anyone with an elementary education knows that adding the prefix "anti-" means "opposing" or "against", which is all this person did to the word "semitic")

80-90% of Jews today are “Ashkenazi “ (which is the term for European Jews that are descendants of converts, unrelated to the original tribes of Israel, and speak Yiddish, not Hebrew). 80-90% of all Jews in the world today are not even Semites! In fact, in “Israel” Sefardic and Mizrachi Jews (Arab, Iranian, north African, or middle eastern Jews, for examples), the real Jews of the Torah, are discriminated against heavily in many aspects! Semitic Jews are aware of this fact, and that’s why they don't go to "Israel" (or flee from "Israel") and choose to live in the United States OR EVEN STAY IN OTHER PARTS OF THE MIDDLE EAST over living in the Secular, non-Semitic, European-occupied territory!! Many of the Semitic Jews have been in Palestine for thousands of years, never even left Palestine and resisted & opposed the occupation of the European Zionists. Criticism of "Israel" cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic.

Criticizing "Israel" does not make a person an anti-Semite. This is political propaganda, some of which we have seen the Bush Administration use against Americans that criticize it. If you criticize the war or the administration they call you unpatriotic, un-American, a traitor, a terrorist/terrorist-sympathizer, etc...