A gift that keeps on giving!

Still don’t know what to get for that special someone who already has everything? The bookworm who loves the printed page? The environmentalist who’s considering his or her impact this holiday season? As the holidays roll around this year, consider a gift…Read More

Happy Independence Day!

In celebration of our Country's 233rd birthday, consider giving a gift to make it even more independent! We are compelled to gain independence from our past and present unsustainable consumption patterns. From sea to shining sea, we need to do everything we…Read More

Action Alert! Black Liquor Loophole Saga

We wrote earlier about this sneaky grab of taxpayer dollars that some in the paper industry are making to the tune of billions of your dollars... all by cheating a small program designed to decrease dependence on fossil fuels and fight climate change. Not…Read More

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day!! The United Sates celebrated the first Earth Day 39 years ago, and since we’ve seen a movement that has made great progress in cleaning our air and water, removing the haze from cities, and protecting some of the beautiful lands in our…Read More

Action Alert: Stop the Paper Industry Tax Payer Ripoff!

Frustrated by the financial crisis? Outraged at the greed of the AIG bonus scandal? Well, you still won't be prepared for the cynical and sneaky grab of taxpayer dollars now being perpetrated by the paper industry to the tune of billions of your money... all…Read More

Big News for the Book Industry!

Today the Book Industry Environmental Council announced a goal to reduce the book industry's greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 with the intent of achieving an 80% reduction by 2050. This goal is a global first in publishing, and one of only a few…Read More

Become a Fan!

Hello GPI supporters! First, thank you for your support of the Green Press Initiative! Green Press Initiative has successfully engaged 42% of the book sector in establishing environmental policies, which have helped to bring about a six fold increase in…Read More
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