Move Your Money: but not from a big bank to one that supports Big Oil

JINN supports the Move Your Money campaign encouraging people to move from big banks to institutions supportive of the local community. After hearing Bay Area people recommending Mechanics Bank as an alternative, we realized that we needed to share why JINN…Read More

Just Released! No REDD Papers: Vol. 1

Nnimmo Bassey says new booklet on REDD is a must read. It critiques carbon trading and explains how REDD threatens Indigenous Peoples, local communities and forests. It looks at who will benefit by REDD and explains why REDD is not a…Read More

Climate talks: Strong concerns in Niger Delta over agenda by rich nations

Re-posted from All Voices By AkanimoReports "Co-ordinator of the Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD), Mr. Patrick Naagbanton, told AkanimoReports in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, yesterday that the global grassroots…Read More

Peaceful protest against Shell by women of Niger Delta reported by ERA

Read ERA Field Report 277: Women of JK4 (Edagberi/Betterland) stage peaceful protest against Shell Wednesday, 12 October 2011 Re-posted from Environmental Rights Action (Friends of the Earth…Read More

US Supreme Court to hear Nigeria-Shell rights case

Re-posted from AFP — The US Supreme Court said Monday it will consider a lawsuit accusing Royal Dutch Shell of human rights abuses, a case that could make companies liable for torture or genocide committed…Read More

New research reveals Shell paid militants who destroyed Nigerian towns

Read the press release from our friends at Platform. Re-posted from remember saro-wiwa By Ben Amunwa on October 3, 2011. "Shell fuelled human rights abuses in Nigeria by paying huge contracts to armed militants, according to a new report published by Platform…Read More

Families in Niger Delta Rivers community complain of land grabbing

Social Action reports: Over 700 families in Ogoniland are angry with the Rivers State government over what they allege was a forceful land acquisition by the state Ministry of…Read More
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