Make a difference in a young person’s life by promoting youth voice and supporting youth as they work to affect change in themselves and their communities.Youth Rights Media (YRM) is a nonprofit youth development organization that empowers young people by teaching them to make and use media to promote social change and engage their community in protecting and advancing youth rights.

YRM’s Summer Institute (SI) is a 5-week youth employment program that teaches youth to produce media around rights and social justice issues while providing them with exposure to the practice and theory of community organizing through facilitation, event-planning and community collaborations. SI also encourages interest in YRM’s school-year programming.

At Youth Rights Media, we have proven that providing young people with opportunities to harness media technology and their own leadership potential can lead to both personal transformation and tangible community change. YRM offers a powerful alternative, where young people find a creative platform for reflecting on and analyzing their realities and gain tools to invest in betterment of their communities and believe in the possibilities of their own futures.

We cannot continue to do this without your support.Celebrating our 11th Anniversary, we realize funding for small, local non-profits is harder than ever to secure – your contribution is crucial to ensuring that our young people have a vibrant and vital organization dedicated to empowering youth to know, protect, and advance their rights for the next ten years, and many more to come.

Help promote youth voice and support young people in their quest to affect change in themselves and their communities.