I am a hygienist making a voice for the dentists in the area to raise thier voice against human trafficking.  We need dentists to ban together and donate together. A safe house is critical to help women, men, ages 18 and up out of this bondage. We have Eve's Angel's Organization who has all the tools and a safe house already in Michigan. They have launched in Chicago and the northwest suburbs to local brothels and clubs. They provide hope and love in the name of Jesus. They also just show love and support and meet girls where they are.It is a hard choice to leave behind a lie of "this is all they should be doing"

. Providing a 30% down payment for a house, and programming fund is the last step to build this. I have confidence that the dental community can provide this. We as dental professionals have a heart to serve. Sometimes a bigger dream than dental services is tangible. Get out here and donate $1,000 to show your community and patient base you care. I will only let dentists or offices donate together. We need to fight back and show we are a force!

1,000 Dentists Donating 1,000 a year will save lives!

for any questions or a free lunch and learn to learn marketing value and getting your staff excited and educated on Human Trafficking in the suburbs


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