Robert Lapham is devoted Buddhist student and teacher in the Dzogchen Lineage Sangha. He was recently diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer which has spread throughout his body through the lymph system. With the prognosis not being very good for Chemotherapy and Radiation, Robert is going through alternative healing and care. 

We are asking all sangha members and friends to please make prayer offerings to the Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation. These offerings will go towards performing healing prayers during the upcoming 2013 Dzogchen Retreats. You can make these offerings through the Dzogchen Lineage website. Just make sure you note "Robert Lapham Prayer Circle" so the funds can go directly towards the prayers.

If you would also like to help Robert directly with his medical expenses, organic food, vitamins, supplements, and treatments, please send a donation directly to Robert via PayPal to: [email protected].

A brief message from Robert:

"At present, I can only focus on a few hours awake every day and that time is spent in either healing treatments of getting as much nutrition as possible back into my body. I have no nurse or assistant, only the help the healer offers when she can, so learning as much as possible to try to feed myself or at least pay attention to the live green food I am given so that when I am stronger I can try to make it myself. With prayer and Buddha's blessings somehow I will find the money and the Blessings to heal this. I will never stop returning. I will never enter perfect Buddha until all beings everywhere enter before me. May all beings be free from suffering and disease. May all beings heal their suffering as I heal mine. May I take on the suffering of all beings. I am happy that all beings suffering flows into me and from here, I heal mine for the benefit of all beings."

Thank you for your love and prayers.