This month, Breaking Ground took a big step forward. We hired our first full-time Executive Director, Kierstyn Hunter, to ensure that our programs are run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our investment in our organizational infrastructure here at home in the United States equates to real results in Cameroon. Three years ago, Alex Moore took on the task of serving as our part-time Executive Director. Under her leadership, we forged new partnerships, launched new programs, and secured important funding.

With Kierstyn's expertise and commitment to sustainable communities, Breaking Ground counts on continuing that trend.

More women in Cameroon will be empowered with the business skills they need to support their families.

More farmers will reap the true benefits of their labor.

And more communities like Baleveng will be able to provide their children with clean drinking water.

Often, when we look to our supporters in a fundraising drive, our aim is to raise money for one of our programs on the ground. This time, I am asking you to take a leap of faith. Seven years ago, you did just that. I launched Breaking Ground by asking individuals like you to donate $5 or $10 to cement a schoolroom floor or built a brick for a library. Now, I'm asking you to invest in Breaking Ground as an organization. Kierstyn can do more to ensure the sustainability of our programs if she doesn't have to worry about the security of her job.

Please consider donating $10 or $25 or $100 (or more!) to demonstrate your confidence in the work we do here at Breaking Ground. It was your generosity that allowed us to form as an organization seven years ago, and we're counting on your continued support.

Thanks for your confidence, compassion, and consideration.

On est ensemble (Together),