Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse were officially appointed as the Koyamada Foundation International Ambassadors in December 2012. You can support the Japan-America Discovery Tour to Japan for Education at www.koyama.org. The Sprouse brothers have been close friends to Shin Koyamada for many years. Shin starred in The Last Samurai, Disney Channel Original Movie called Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior and has worked on Disney Channel Games together with Dylan and Cole for many years. The brothers are fans of Japanese anime and manga. They are tentatively scheduled to visit Japan for the first time August 7th-17th to interact with youth in 10 cities including Sendai to learn more about Japanese culture and promote American culture and education. The funds raised will go towards education, scholarships for Japanese youth to come to America and American youth to go to Japan and  help rebuild Japan as a society and empower them to achieve their dreams.