Do you have fond memories of summertime from your childhood?

Chances are you do. This summer, you can help the kids at Tel-Hi create their own great memories by sending a deserving child to summer camp.

This isn't about simply sending kids on vacation. Summer camp means summertime learning, which is beneficial for all children. It keeps students’ minds fresh and the enrichment can lead to advantages in school and beyond the classroom. Tel-Hi’s summer camp encourages children to explore their talents, experience nature, and develop skills to support their success. Instead of sitting at home, children can unlock their potential.  

Unfortunately many children served by Tel-Hi are not able to enjoy summer camp, because their families can’t afford or consider the expense. You have an opportunity to change that! Together we can raise the funds needed to help all of our kids continue their education over the summer, like their peers, while making treasured memories and lifelong friends.

A gift of $125 will sponsor one child for a full week of camp. An amount greater than this can help send more children to day camp for the entire summer, where they will be exposed daily to outdoor education, character- and leadership-building activities, gardening, arts and crafts, and physical fitness.

For example, one of the highlights of our summer program is a camping trip to Point Reyes National Seashore. This overnight adventure gives city kids a unique immersion into nature. They focus on strengthening their independence in a different setting, tackling new challenges, and discovering new ways of thinking. Leaving the stress of the city behind also lets kids enjoy being kids, experiencing summer in a way they never have before.

Tel-Hi is committed to serving all children and to making summer camp possible for all children who want to go.

Help me make a kid's summer experience memorable.  Help me raise funds to send them to free summer camp. On behalf of the whole Tel-Hi family and my family as well, I thank you in advance for helping me keep this commitment.