Our dog Einstein was at his Dog Group Training Class at Lake Eola "Fiesta in the Park, while training was in progress an unsupervised child ran up behind my husband & Einstein as Einstein was sitting at my husbands side and the child tripped & fell right on top of our dog getting her legs entangled in his leash.  As Einstein was trying to get up he was pinned down by the leash while yelping and being strangled, my husband even fell to the ground.  The child was injured (not bad) during the process, as soon as Einstein's leash was untangled from child he walked away calmly and sat several feet away without any further incident.  Of course the family wants to sue and now OCAS at Morgan & Morgans (Attorney at Law) request has declared Einstein Dangerous.

Please help get the Label of Dangerous off our family dog.  As the Statute states 767.12 1b this incident was not Einsteins fault.  Einstein and my husband were the initial victims being assaulted.