Families of children with disabilities have many hurdles to face, being able to pay for the care their child needs should not be one of them. Unfortunately, for a lot of families this is the case. Families are faced with the hardship of paying high deductibles every year before their insurance pays out and for some families even being able to pay the co-pay for every appointment is difficult.  

Through pediatric physical, occupational, and speech/language therapies Mighty Oaks Children’s Therapy Center helps children with disabilities attain their greatest potential for independence and success.  I believe every child should have access to these life changing therapy sessions regardless of their parents ability to pay, so this summer I have made it my mission to raise $10,000 to help provide families  the finical support they need.  I will be donating every dollar collected directly to Mighty Oaks and they will put the money toward the insurance deductibles and co-pays for families on a need based assessment.