Hello there my name is Cearra  and my fiance, Tanner Walker was diagnosed when he was 17 with Multiple Myeloma (bone
cancer which is rare for being so young). He's been in remission for 4
years now, however he is incarcerated and unable to receive his
medication and chemo, I ask for prayers and higher awareness for
Multiple Myeloma, I've noticed there Is not many campaigning for this terminal illness. WHY IS THAT?  Please
do check out www.tannersjourney.blogspot.com to learn his story, feel free to share yours as well. Fellow MM survivors and loved ones of patients: You are not alone! In order to beat cancer, we must fight it TOGETHER ( i.e. organize fund raisers like runs, donate, etc. )

What is it that we're waiting for? No cure is going happen anytime soon without US!

 We the people need to stand up for our lives and the lives of the ones we love-so I ask you as the readers; Will you PLEASE join me & many others in the battle against cancer?

Here are some websites that can help us help the patients and families of:

Honor someone with a moment AGAINST Silence!
Learn about their mission, take action and get involved with Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
 Want to help organize a fundraiser? Take a look at this website-message me and tell me what you think!
Talk to friends and family, please do contact me (via FACEBOOK or Causes-especially if you live in the DFW Metroplex of Texas. If not contact me anyway and I will do anything I can to help!