For my BIRTHDAY, I give thanks to my loving family and friends, not the least of whom have 4 legs.,.. i.e., my beloved dogs, Ajax and Preston!  Both started out life homeless and unwanted.  Sadly, most neglected and abused dogs never experience a loving bond with humans.  So, my birthday wish is that you will help me support JJ WOOFIN' PAWS RESCUE AGENCY, a non-profit animal rescue organization for which I volunteer.  I've seen countless success stories:    Mary, a pregnant dog who was rescued, treated for medical problems and whose puppies were all found loving homes.... T.J., a young dog with cancer and a broken leg roaming the streets, treated, and now joining his forever home... my own dog, Preston, who was born at a hoarder's property with scars from dog bites all over his face and is now the apple of my eye... Rockie, who was quarantined as a puppy for biting a volunteer at the shelter, rescued, and is now the unofficial mascot of Catalina Island... Wookie... who was severely traumatized and antisocial and was patiently provided with human and dog socialization until he found his forever home... and Brianna... who has YET to find her forever home but who will never be abandoned...  (I could go on but you can learn more and see pics at jjwoofinpaws.org).  Operating a nonprofit animal rescue group is expensive --- boarding, medical care, spay & neuter, food, transportation, etc.  But if we all pitch in just a little, we can help JJ Woofin' Paws continue its great work and be a part of the miracles and happy endings yet to come.  AND I WILL MATCH EVERY DOLLAR THAT IS RAISED FOR JJ WOOFIN' PAWS THROUGH THIS REQUEST.   All donations are 100% tax-deductible.