This year for my birthday, I'm helping Angel Covers rebuild the damage to Humble Hearts school.  It's not the first time I have focused on HH for my birthday wish, but this year, it's an emergency.  Here's the email plea from Angel Covers:  "There has been an accident at Humble Hearts School for Deaf and Disadvantaged children of Nairobi, Kenya. (Angel Covers continues to assist this school, very dear to our hearts, with individual child sponsorship, food and nutrition projects, income producing ventures, staff education, and personal care provisions for each of the students living and/or attending the school.) During the repairs of stairs, the office roof caved in. Staff was in the office at the time, and Nelly was badly injured on her leg and hit in the head with falling debris. Angel Covers medical funds will assist her in getting good medical care for the laceration and head injury.  The computer was completely crushed beyond repair and so was the printer and chairs. It was a disaster. The concrete slab, which makes up this ceiling, and is the floor that holds the classes, is being affected greatly when it rains.  Since many of its areas have no cover, we are seeing that the slab is being made weak, day by day, when it is the long rain season in Kenya. The repairs that have been done on the floors get eroded with time by the relentless pounding of the rain and steady run off that must flow through it. Water slips into the walls over time (also concrete), and the walls are getting eroded. Ceilings are showing change of color, posing a threat of future cracks and eventually maybe a collapse of the slab itself. The wooden stairs, which were to be temporary, are now worn out and could fall down. Anytime it rains, learning has to stop for the children to drain all the stagnant water out of their classes --for their own comfort and also to keep it from seeping up into the walls and slab.  This helps, but in the event that the children are not in school, all of the stagnant water seeps into the walls. This is because the classrooms are still the temporary structure.  Remember, something had to be done after the demolition at Sinai. The plan then was to have the deaf children move into the Angel Cottage until the rest of the building was complete -to bring in more children for classes. The demolition made us move in before everything was finished, which is how the temporary classes came to be.  These were not built according to the permanent plan --no proper piping to drain any waste water out or wiring to bring in light. At night, the children still all study in the dining hall because there is no lighting upstairs.We had planned on repairing just the girls' dormitory but we also realized the class next to it was seriously leaking --so both roofs were removed and we did a new replacement. Current funds were spent on this urgent repair and the stairs have not yet been repaired. $5000 would cover the cost of the roofing, including gutters and another water tank to save the run-off water.  Permanent stairs are also covered within this $5000 budget.   The safety of adults and children, who call Humble Hearts their home and their school, is in greater jeopardy while we wait for financial provision.  We are hoping and praying to be able to raise this amount in order for repairs to be completed during the dryer, winter season, beginning soon!!"  

I'm hoping to get ten people to donate a dollar for every year I've been around.  Since I'll be 29,.....okay, okay......37, I'm looking for $370 to be donated with this wish, but any amount is appreciated and needed.  Thank you, my friends.  Let's help these kids keep focusing on their studies, and not worrying if the next roof that caves in will be the one over their heads!