<I like to mention about my granny Caroline Jawbone who is the oldest elder now. & has been phonin me since shes been in Lynn Lake Hospital Shes upset about bein there & unhappy about it & stressed out & cryin everyday she left a sad mess on my answerin machine if 1 of the new c&c would like to listen to it & My Mother Linda tryed with the previous c&c to do something about her to go visit her or to bring her home what shes askin. They say RESPECT your elders, One of the c&c asked about caroline to me or my mother linda who is Tony who was tryin to help us to go see her & after awhile there was no response about it. Or no one of the Health Team, is very sad to see. The only person who asked about her is Uncle Ray Ellis who is concerned about granny. He said she should be here her wishes is to be with her grandkids out here in Tadoule Lk. I think shes bein held againts her will which i think is not right. Im upset about granny & My mom is too thats y shes not comin home rightnow.>......this is coming from her grand daughter Sharon Jawbone so lets try to get her Grand Mother home to the Reserve of Tadoule Lake :)