I am a mother of a 17yr old (Montrez) who has a brain tumor which caused fluid to build up on his brain and put him in a coma on 03/29/2013. Montrez has not awaken since this unfortunate event.  Immediately after the event he still had movement in his limbs and the Dr.'s said it was only muscle movement that the fluid had displaced his brain and there was no brain activity. But, Montrez still breath on his own showing there was still some part of the brain that was still working. They have attempted to declare him brain dead twice the first time it was stopped Montrez started over breathing the ventilator so that showed that he was not  brain dead so they could not do the test. The second time he was still over breathing the vent but because the Neuro doctor's said that is was just a "reflex episode" so they were going to push forward with the test even though I objected and he was still breathing on his own. They had the "Law" on their sidehttp://www.braindeath.org/law/oklahoma.htm the Dr. proclaimed to  me as he smiled and rocked back on his heels.  I told him again " I was not agreeing to any such test that was "declare him brain dead" when he is not he is still able to breath on his own and according to Gensis 2:7 if the breath of life is still in him he is still a living soul and cannot declared as "brain dead" breath is from GOD who is a "spirit" and no man has the right to take from him what GOD has given him .  After this round the Dr. called me back in about 30 mins he had called their legal department because my son is still a minor and they had to have my consent as his parent to proceed with the testing and that consent they did not have so he was calling me to inform me they could not proceed with the testing because I had said " I am not agreeing" to any testing that would declare him brain dead.The head neurologist came down from the ethics board and told me "Miss Smith" I looked at your son's test and I have to agree with you he is not "brain dead" he still does have brain wave activity. GOD is good!  I am writing as a Mother,Minister of the Gospel, friend, sister, daughter etc I am asking for your support to help me get this law over turned in Oklahoma that allows the medical community to  make a very foolish and evil decision concerning who lives and  who does not. We all seen in movies and news articles where individuals have been in coma's for month's and year's and have fully recovered with no defects and the medical community had given up but the family stood against the prognosis and diagnosis and GOD healed and restored the person to health in "HIS timing  and for HIS purpose"  Our society has taught us to be impatient and a "now society" and this is even true in health care we want to see results in the next 30 second's or we give up.  But this is not how GOD work's He is not on man's time there is no time with GOD and he is never late when He shows up in a situation or in a person's life.  Man needs to learn again to pray hear and wait until GOD move's taking a life of a living soul GOD has determined to live is not a matter to be taken lightly no amount of water, soap, law's medical policy or procedure's will ever be able to clean that up or make it right before GOD. The "Word of GOD" delcare's man ought to always pray and in all our ways acknowledge "Him" this is a "must" for every man and should be taken with great caution especially when dealing with a living soul.   Life and Death is a decision that should be made by GOD and GOD alone.  This same GOD gave man the skill to treat sickness and we are thankful and appreciative for that yet, healing and the determination of who lives or dies he kept for Himself and not man I am standing and asking you today to stand with me and let us turn man from this wrong path and cause him to turn his self back to GOD and seek his face and guidance when dealing with GOD's property......Living Soul called....Man!!!!! Stand and Help Me say it loud and clear....Breathe of Life let no man take it!!!