BBC’s Stuart Hall jailed for 15 months for sex assaults

Nonce Darren Martin exposed

Paedophile Darren Martin from Burton on Trent is exposed with his facebook profile link, for trying to meet with a 14 year old girl for sex - he's trying to deny it in his role working for Derbyshire Police and Fire Service and protecting his job, but there…Read More

Yet another Paedo caught by the Daemon Hunter

Another Paedo caught arriving to meet a 15 year old girl for sex and confronted. Please invite to the cause and share the page on your facebook profiles - we need to make as many aware of these nonces, as possible. Many thanks! Here's the link to the video:…Read More

We need volunteers and MASSIVE public support

Although Daemon Hunter has been running a while and has brought about paedophiles being charged and exposed, we need to create a massive following for further volunteers - we aim to make Daemon Hunter UK wide in passing police the evidence to bring about…Read More
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