Want to be an admin with access to 600+ FB labor activists?

Hello, Brothers and Sisters: Thank you for joining the Labor Movement over the past two years. When I began this cause, there was no general cause supporting the global labor movement, only pages for individual unions and campaigns. We now have more then 600…Read More

Tell Facebook to Respect Union Organizers

Those of you who receive Labour Start updates will know that Facebook recently banned Canadian organizer Derek Blackadder for trying to add too many friends to his profile. Excuse me? He's a union organizer -- making friends is his job. A Facebook group has…Read More

Anyone want to be an administrator?

I've been trying to provide the Labor Movement cause with updates and action alerts, but this has been difficult since I am currently in college and under a mountain of assigned readings. Because of this, I'm looking for cause members willing to keep people…Read More

Get Labour Start Updates!

Labour Start -- "the place where trade unionists start their day on the net" -- sends weekly emails to its list highlighting trade union campaigns around the world and providing links by which to contact management and pressure them to respect workers'…Read More

Let the Recruiting Drive Begin

Thanks for joining the Labor Movement. Three people (myself included) have already begun recruiting members, and it would be great if you could help out, too. Consider sending off messages to your friends over Facebook, and follow-up by email. The more…Read More
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