to build a network of people, congregations and organizations within and beyond the United Church of Christ for care giving, education and prevention in response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic by:

A direct link for donations is also available. Tax deductible donations made through this link will not be counted in the Facebook goal, but do go directly to UCAN. To learn more and make a donation, please go to:

Donate: https://secure.ga3.org/03/ucan

For Information: http://www.ucc.org/ucan

1. Providing technical assistance to help congregations and other settings of the church start and build their capacity and programs

2. Offering training in the use of the UCC’s comprehensive HIV and AIDS curriculum, Affirming Persons-Saving Lives as well as other HIV & AIDS education

3. Giving leadership for education and information on public policy concerns

4. Prioritizing its work to bring critical presence to those most affected by HIV and AIDS in the United States and throughout the world.